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Restaurant on the beach Pavlovsky paradise in Odessa | Pavlovsky House
+38 (048) 787-81-15 | +38 (048) 743-05-45

Restaurant «Pavlov Paradise»


Wide range of dishes

Food delivery in the room

Luxury two-storey restaurant ” Pavlov paradise” is capable of simultaneously and comfortably accommodate up to 250 people . You can not only enjoy the taste of delicious dishes of European cuisine and Odessa , but also great to relax with family and friends under the pleasant music and light surf . We have a well -developed musical culture, every day are required to attend music shows , invite artists. At our site acted Joseph Kobzon, Villi Tokarev , Efim Shifrin , Vitas , Viktor Pavlik group Freestyle and many other most popular artists.

For more information, please call: +38(048)734-64-29

3D tour of our Restaurant